River Eden At Mill Farm

Mill Farm/ Cranstead.
This stretch of the River Eden has been a favoured section of water we have had in
our portfolio for over 40 years and has proved to be an interesting stretch of water
for many of our members during that time.
Access to the water is by a farm gate on the right hand side on the lane from Bough
Beech towards Chiddingstone Castle just before a bridge that crosses the river.
There is a “Pill Box “ by a tree that is easily visible from the road. Simply park up
in the field as you approach the Pill Box.
The venue offers approximately ¾ of a mile of bank if you continue into the
Cranstead section immediately below the Hever Lake fishery. The river flows through
picturesque countryside and offers a good variety of swims from slow steady stretches
with depths up to 5 feet and faster streamier swims of 2 feet. Many of the swims have
fishy looking appearance such as overhanging trees and weedbeds making fish
location easy.
There is a good head of fish including shoals of Bream (the match record is 64
pounds), good size Chub, Tench, Carp as well as Rudd , Roach, good size Perch and
Pike along with Eels and Gudgeon.The water responds to a good variety of tactics
such as stick or pole float tactics with maggot , caster as bait ( feed a little hemp for
bringing the roach or chub to feed), or using bread and worms for the bigger fish such
as the Bream and Chub. Spinning and fly fishing is an interesting alternative for the
predators, Pike, Perch and Chub especially during the summer and Autumn.
Do beware that due to low lying ground that can be boggy and uneven lugging a full
set of tackle to the Cransted end of the fishery is hard work, thinking about the kind of
day and fish you want to catch will help you scale down the tackle you take and make
the visit more enjoyable.
Summing up Mill Farm is a superb natural fishery, it offers so much throughout the
full season and is well worth making the effort to make a visit and discover its
I wish you Tight Lines!

Fishery Rules

Parking in farmyard as designated. Access via the gate to the left of the house across the field and over the footbridge.
Or by the pillbox by the river as designated.
Shut all gates.