31949477_1752614328132764_2863979704455528448_nChittenden has been in the club for many years and holds a very special place in  our hearts, it is a large lake with many species in it, predominantly  there are a large head of carp in this water, they range up to around 30lb , there are also one or two surprises in this lake and is a great  day out for any carp angler. The car park is easily accessible from the lake but some of the banks are inclined and is not accessible all the way around for wheel chair users, the fishery is kept in tip top  condition.


We recently build some new swims and path ways to make it easier to reach the far end of the lake.

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Fishing Times And Rules
Dawn till Dusk only NO NIGHT FISHING


No cans of any type to be taken or left at the water any member found to have left litter will be expelled

Fishery Rules
No Keepnets for silver fish until October 1st. Unless on official club matches NO CARP ARE PERMITTED IN KEEPNETS. Unless on official club matches. Carp and silver fish to be retained in separate nets on matches
Unhooking mats to be laid out and ready for use by all members whilst fish- ing.

Barbless hooks only to be used.
No fixed lead rigs
Maximum amount of floaters 0.5lbs per person. No nuts or pulses. (except hemp in moderation) The use of Vitalin is banned
Maximum of 2kg of groundbait to be used

No Livebaiting, No spinning/ Lure Fishing, No Bait boats

Unaccompanied Juniors must be collected before 6pm